17 Nov

Alright I see the heat wants to be brought a lil something, something! I’m not going to bring it just yet but ‘ey let’s get the wood burnin’!

Yes, Mr. Jackson, my I don’t care attitude is a defense mechanism, NOW! Before, I cared a little too much so the walls were down. As mentioned in my ‘About Me’ section, you can see that I have a big heart.  However, this very thing has caused me a lot of heartache that I refuse to endure ever again. Everyone has a reason for something, this just so happens to be mine. I would worry so much about everything: attempting to keep people happy, never saying no, if I had it you had it, if I wanted to go out and you didn’t have it, yet I did, WE had it. So where would you like to go?  That is one thing that I know my friends and family can say that I am good for, being reliable there for you whenever I can be. But I had one person, one person to ruin it for many. He f’d me over and yes it was a boyfriend of mine. But all the sh!t I did for that man and it went unappreciated. Oh man, Oh man! You’re out! The walls were built way taller than me. For those who know me, know I am not very tall at all. (Hence, the title, Lil Lady…Giant Brain.) Sadly, every man after him didn’t get the best of me and yes I absolutely wanted to deliver that but as long as they felt I was giving my all that is all that mattered to me. Like I said before over the last three years I believe I have learned who I am as an individual and I know what I can do to make this not happen ever again. The’ I don’t care attitude’. But I know what kind of catch I am. I know what my possibilities are! They are ENDLESS!

I am a strong woman because as Ms. Beautiful Nightmare mentioned in her comment…this world is filled with them! She says, “I have the ability to make hard decisions even when my heart may demand otherwise.” Including issues with family, friends, work, love, and LIFE! I make the decisions that are benefiting me both here and now! Yes, Ms. Beautiful Nightmare made another excellent point by stating, “I consider myself FEARLESS…but could it be that like other women I’m afraid that a SOLID relationship can alter MY plans?” HELL YEA!!! I say that in caps for a reason. Because as a woman we naturally want to be in a relationship, for all the right reasons…wink, God put us on this Earth to hold a man, home, and family down. Yet, still hold a corporate or any job down while going to PTA meetings, soccer, basketball, baseball , and football practices and have homework and dinner done, kids in bed by the time hubby comes home and you’re telling me we are not STRONG and FEARLESS? Ha! Why are WE the ones to deliver the babies? I’m not a mother yet, but only a woman can endure and take that kind of pain. Again, a STRONG WOMAN. We will go through life with plenty of bumps in the road including the alterations made on her pattern. We will put everything before ourselves, without bringing it up once how we put OUR dreams on hold to fulfill yours.  A STRONG WOMAN. Same with a man, holding down his family when he is the only one in the household working. He will do whatever it is for his family to be fed, clothed, and sheltered. Okay I’ll say it… A STRONG MAN. It takes a strong woman (sorry, had to bring it right back), to keep her partner happy and stay on track with her plans in life. It takes a strong man to allow her to do so. 8

So what makes ‘A Man Golden’ like Chrisette Michele? “Is he really real?” Can he truly handle being with a strong goal driven independent woman? Will he be intimidated and if so why will she never know? I will most definitely tackle this topic next but Mr. Jackson I’d like to hear what your opinion is. Yeah I just called you out! 🙂


2 Responses to “FEARLESS?”

  1. reef November 17, 2009 at 8:42 pm #


  2. Talisha November 18, 2009 at 10:36 pm #

    Ok mp def The One and Only MAGIC hit it on the nose and i agree with him. A good source i read once said that you can never be first in a man’s life until they have their career, money, and know themselves and sometimes a man has to hit rock bottom before he realize these important things in life.


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