Education…Mandatory or Optional?

22 Nov

This is completely a 180 from what has previously been discussed on this blog. But I did state that I would blog about anything that is on my mind. Please do not think that I have ignored any comments that have been made and I will respond shortly.

With that being said, I was doing some homework for my online class and the question was asked, if a professor is doing a disservice to the student if they are grading them upon how much effort was put into an assignment and not what is reflected on the piece of paper? I think I kind of flipped out with my response to that question but in no way shape or form should the student behind me, who took three days to write an essay, receive a better grade than me because I took an hour. Get out of here! My paper can absolutely be just as powerful as his or hers but because they put in more effort they should receive a better grade? What kind of crap?! I hope there really aren’t teachers and professors that do this because that is out of control!

Why is education so damn expensive? When is another system going to be implemented for financial aid? A few years ago, I had to use my parents’ tax return even though I did not live under their roof and because my EFC (expected family contribution) score is not what they want it to be I could not receive any aid at all. Just student loans which wouldn’t cover the trick!!! People, there has to be a better way for this! I am tired of so many students or aspiring students being intimidated to go to school because of the cost of tuition. It is disgusting! No teenager wants to be in debt by a minimum of $20,000 by the time they graduate college and that’s the cost of some major universities per year! There has to be another way. All the money that is spent on unnecessary things in this country, there should be a mandatory fund for education. Why is public school free and not a college education? When it’s the one thing that is needed the most to succeed in this thing called life? There are a lot of people who do not have college degrees who are heads of corporations and have earned six figure incomes but guess what that was Generation X and our Baby Boomers….what are you going to do about Generation Y, the future leaders of America? Baby Boomers are starting to retire! They hold down the country right now…my generation…Generation Y, we have to learn from them. The only way we can even get close to them is by having this EDUCATION that is mandatory not optional, to even work under their supervision.

Wow okay I think I will stop now…what are your views on college education cost and how a teacher or professor may feel that because you put in less time or effort into an assignment the next student should receive a higher grade?


2 Responses to “Education…Mandatory or Optional?”

  1. supawumyn November 23, 2009 at 7:53 pm #

    Okay this is my thoughts on college education. It was once made available for a group of people, (I’m sure you understand) it finally ended up being available to those whom education was not thought to be smart enough to receive it. Now with all of that being said the last 3 generations have had the opportunities to attend colleges in order to obtain “decent” employment. The United Negro College, NAACP etc…….. has tried to make steps in order to allow minority youth to attend college by giving them scholarships, however, if your family is not part of a “sorority” well…… know the rest. It’s a sad thing.

    Now as far as paying for education………it’s ridiculous!! I agree Lil’ woman why is it free to go to elementary through high school but to attend college it costs thousands of $$$. But then I started to think… some parts of the caribbean islands parents have to pay for education that we get free the same holds true for the African countries. Now in Europe no one pays for education, uumm maybe we ought to move there.

    Yes in the corporate industry they make 6 figures but guess what? When they loose their jobs can they survive like we can NO! Will they be able to handle receiving only $400.00 week (max for unemployment) when they used to make $4000.00 a week? NO! Now us…..we survived for years on low income. Like George Lopez said the other night. We can survive taking care of a family of 6 for $28,000 a year! You know it’s true. If you notice, those who have committed suicide and more to come because of the holidays are those who were on the CORPORATE LADDER and to be right where we are………….that’s degrading to them so why not end their life.

    Now I’m not saying don’t strive to get the best education possible but strive to do your best to get your degree. You can do anything you put your mind to………. you have always done so. STUFF!

  2. TheoneandonlyMagic November 24, 2009 at 12:56 pm #

    Well, lets start with your first point – “is a professor doing a disservice to the student if they are grading them upon how much effort was put into an assignment and not what is reflected on the piece of paper” First of all – my problem with your question is it suggest your comparing yourself with the other student when in fact you shouldn’t be. Second, I am sure you heard of the cliché’ E for Effort. If a professor is worth his or her degree, sometimes you have to grade a student based on effort and not knowledge alone. I would say that if a student put three days in the work – and had a passing grade based on knowledge I might give a little extra for effort. Where if I knew a student was bright, and talented – and I was trying to draw them out more – I was looking for some creative thinking and they gave me a piece based on current knowledge with no forethought – yes you might end up with a lower grade than the other student. A Good Teacher isn’t trying to educate you for the present -they are trying to make you better for life. If he or she allows you to get by with just the minimal effort, then they have allowed you to be trained in life with giving the minimum. That isn’t to say you couldn’t give your best and creative writing in an hour – I am just speaking from a teachers standpoint.
    Why is public school free and not a college education?
    Well – at the very core and foundation – Public school is not free – it is just given to those in a certain financial bracket without cost. Free and without cost is not one and the same.
    The question should be – Should education be free – yes –and here are a few countries that believe the same. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Svalbard and Åland, Scandinavia, England and Germany, Australia, Sri Lanka, Libya and Cuba to name a few.
    You also said – Generation Y, we have to learn from them. The only way we can even get close to them is by having this EDUCATION that is mandatory not optional, to even work under their supervision.
    I am torn with this statement because I don’t have a College degree but what I do have is a Managers title before my name –and a staff of 10 with each of them holding college degrees and they can’t hold a candle to me. So while it is I do acknowledge that a college degree is a good thing – I also must be proud of who I am and what I have demanded from society without it. I must walk around with the attitude that it won’t define me and my success because I don’t have one. This job demanded that I have one, but I sent my Resume anyway – and they called me in. They asked me why did I send my resume -and I told them because the job they were asking to be done – I can do outstandingly. So when I do my staff’s Annual Evaluation – I smirk sometimes because that nice little degree they have on the wall didn’t amount to much. As a matter of fact, based on what my boss told me – out of six locations my firm has nationwide and London – I am the highest paid. Why???? Simple – if you look up the definition for Education it isn’t directly connected to Higher Learning in College. It is connected to availing oneself to an environment of learning. I am sure my family can attest to the ONE TRUTH ABOUT ME – I READ EVERYTHING AND WHERE I AM UNCLEAR – I ASK QUESTIONS AND RESEARCH. I am and You are and We are responsible for our own education. Our Culture, our People, and Our Families – shoot the President of the United States has given testimony that NO ONE CAN HOLD US BACK FROM MAKING ANY DREAM A REALITY – EVEN WITHOUT COLLEGE EDUCATION. Speaking of the president did you know that we have 100 senators in our nation. They all get to speak when they meet, but last man in, speaks last. Barack was the last in – so the last to speak. That was just two years ago -and now he has a commanding voice – first and last to speak. Also – I wouldn’t mind having some of Run – DMC’s money – Dr. Jeckyll AKA Andre Harrell’s money responsible for Puff Daddy and Puff & Jay Z, not the rappers, but the business men – and what about Bill Gates – every one of them either dropped out of college or didn’t go. So all in all – if it is your desire to get a degree – Go Get It – but remember – YOUR GRADE IN LIFE COMES FROM YOUR EFFORT AND YOUR DEMAND ON YOURSELF – NOT ANYONE ELSE. ALSO – FORGET ABOUT THE PROFESSORS GRADE – BEFORE YOU TURN ANY PAPER IN – GRADE YOURSELF -AND THAT IS YOUR GRADE!!!!!!!!!


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