Happy Thanksgiving blog fam! I hope ever…

26 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving blog fam! I hope everyone has a safe trip to their destinations. may everyone enjoy their time with family, friends, and associates. Every year I think back to what happened the year before on thanksgiving. Some aren’t here this year but I am greatful to live another year to cherish this day with friends and family. Unfortunately, I wil not have the chance to spend time with my family but I will never forget past memories of Thanksgiving shared together. I am thankful for my parents and God for blessing me with life. For my four closest friends in no particular order, MP, Takeya, Al, and Gina. For my immediate family! My aunts, uncles, my cousins who mean more to me than they would ever know. Moo, Rendell, Sam, Daryl, and Ron. I know there are many more! My brothers and sisters, johnnel, moni, dom, and Ant.  Thanks for always inspiring me to be better.  Thank you for supporting me friends and fam. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!



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