Change Can Really Be a Lesson Learned.

10 Feb

First, I’d like to say thank you for those first-timers, thanks again for reading and I hope you likey. Second, read the other posts they are def good reads from what I am told. To those of you who have read this thing a few times…would you stop texting me how good this is and write it on the blog…dag!! Lol! I appreciate the love always…besos…enjoy!

In 2008, Barack Obama expressed his aspirations for change. Ironically, I wanted the same goals for myself in the year of 2009. Instead of changing within me, I changed for others. I can’t say that the change for others was a bad move, but I can say it was good at that time. I enjoyed every moment of it, both good and bad because I knew that every day and every event was a lesson learned. As the days turned into months things around me started to change. Then, it changed me. Not for the better but I knew I had to do something to get over that bump in the road. I had to stop living for others and make the change within. I had to do something…I put on the one thing that keeps me sane, music. Album: As I Am. Singer: Alicia Keys Feat. John Mayer. Song: Lesson Learned.

 I think I listened to this song twenty times in a row, today another fifty. I knew this song had inspired me to get over whatever was bothering me and keep it moving. I knew that I couldn’t let anything, let alone anyone, stop me from being who I always knew I was, a strong woman. That’s where Barack comes into play. He emphasized CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE, throughout his campaign. I am not one to follow politics but I knew this message would mean something to me later down the road. Today it does. Yesterday it didn’t. Tomorrow it will. I am not perfect and I am far from it. There were things that I have done that I would have never done in my life in the past year. But it’s amazing what a little bit of change can do. It’s amazing how people will provoke you to change as well.

One thing I never understood is the saying, “If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it” because there was always something wrong!! Again, no one is perfect and I can give you that much credit but when you come to realize that there is no effort being put forth to change. Then why should I? I know it may seem childish but I am a one woman team! I can fight an Army alone but do I really want to? There is nothing like a support system but there will be days when you will be alone. Maybe you feel alone every day.   Maybe a support system is the missing piece of the puzzle and you may think that should be the answer to start changing. Maybe that support system you once had, you knew would be gone because of this change you can’t seem to avoid, and you would be all alone after all… in the end. Why bother to change? Yet, you really don’t want to be alone and you know you shouldn’t be alone but that is all you know, being alone. So what do you do? You change…not for the better though, but why? I can’t answer that question because to me, change is always for the better. You can pretend to change and that means you will change to show others around you that you are doing your thang, thang and that your life is golden after all. But, you can’t be at peace with life if you don’t have peace within yourself, hence, my need for change. For the better that is…

This year I promised myself that I would be selfish. I wouldn’t give one hundred and ten percent of me to others because I wanted to remain one hundred and ten percent to myself. I knew that I would be the only one to make me as happy as I knew I wanted to be before I allow someone else to do it. Everyone who knows me that my mouth is reckless and can get me into trouble at times and yes this is something that I need to change. But, this reckless mouth of mine tells no lies and exudes nothing but the truth. Yes, it can be ruthless and hurtful at times but I only speak how I feel when I feel I am treated the same. No one wants to see someone hurt and nor do I. I never want to hurt anyone but when fire is brought its fire you shall get. Yes, another childish act but who doesn’t do that? I mentioned prior to this blog about New Year’s Resolution’s and that whole thing about having a Happy New Day and not a New Year. Thank God that He has blessed me with forty one days of this New Year and has brought me forty one days that I can say I am happy about. I have learned a new lesson every day since the New Year has started. Even with many sleepless nights and many mind wrenching days along with many heartwarming days and unbelievable nights. With the new acquaintances and some old ones I have embraced every moment of growth that has come my way.

 I can truly thank the year 2009 for all that it has brought me and even taught me. It has taught me to love, it has taught me to hate, it has taught me to take care of people when I may not have even wanted to, it has taught me to be a woman, and in the words of my girl a.sade (wink) earlier in the week, to be a phenomenal woman, it has taught me to love unconditionally, it has taught me to embrace others at their weakest moments in life, it has taught me to be there for anything no matter what, it has taught me to take a step down and let a man take the lead when he needs to take the lead, it has taught me to be the Princess my parents have taught me to be, it has taught me that no man will EVER break me down and try to pick me back up with nothing being discussed EVER, it has taught me to be an exceptional student to The Father of all human kind, it has taught me that through the power of prayer all things are made possible, it has taught me that not everyone is looking for something from me, it taught me that I can call on my friends to lean on, it taught me to love football, it taught me to make ends meet, it taught me how to cook, it taught me to clean, it even brought me a little bit of maternal instinct, it has even brought me to tears beyond belief, it has brought me heartache, it has brought me strength to keep fighting for what is rightfully mine in this world I call my home. But, I can say this with complete confidence that I can go on and on for another five hundred words or so but at the end of the day, every step along this road to 2010 was worth every step because it has made me more confident than I will ever be.

I hope 2009 was worth it for all of you out there reading this today because just as I have embraced every moment of 2009 I am sure your 2010 will be filled with the same if not more of what it has brought to you as it has brought to me. I pray that the next three hundred and twenty four days bring me more of the above and then some. Take every day as Ms. A. Keys has said, as a Lesson Learned because “ it can’t get you down…it’s all right… it’s called the past cause I’m gettin’ passed and I ain’t nothing like I was before. Yes I was burned, but I called it a Lesson Learned!” Know that!

My heart has spoken today and today I shall move on from here, to tomorrow’s lesson…

Peace and love….

Ms. Nadie La La


11 Responses to “Change Can Really Be a Lesson Learned.”

  1. Ka ne ne :o) February 10, 2010 at 9:13 pm #

    U already know, i love it! keep it coming Nadie!!!

  2. The Princess Nadie La La February 10, 2010 at 9:15 pm #

    Thanks boo!!! I appreciate that…

  3. melissa February 11, 2010 at 8:32 am #

    Wuv it naddy!

  4. theoneandonlymagic February 11, 2010 at 10:36 am #

    So a few comments – I understand about Change – it can be good, but you have to make sure it is. I don’t think it is chldish to put forth the same amount of effort in any relationship as the other person. Associate, Friend, or spouse – one person cannot build a happy relationship – I think a relationship is a building project taken on by two or more people. One person should be bringing the bricks the other the cement. If one fails – then the relationship won’t stand – and won’t be build up. You talk about a Support System – I have learned that while your building a relationship – you must cause purposed heart attacks. What I mean is – you must allow room for the other person to come to your rescue. You can’t be the one to save the day all the time. So have a relationship heart attack and see if the person will come thru for you. If they don’t – then you know not to reinvest -re-up with this person. If you do -then its your fault. Now – I bring this up because I believe in giving 110% but you must be confident that the other person is giving that also. Now a relationship will have days where one can only give 90 – then the other 110 – and vice versa that is the support system. Now if you continue to give 110% and the other 90% live with it or leave. Now as far as your reckless mouth – always be swift about hearing, slow about speaking. Give a reply to those that are deserving. Remember to the best of your ability – when someone brings fire – don’t send fire back that just burns the entire house down. Bring water – cool the situation – and if need be – make sure you have an emergency bag packed and if the relationship house starts to burn down – it isn’t by your fire – grab your bag and run out the relationship house. Aside from this my conclusion to you would be – I THINK YOUR A WONDERFUL WOMEN – AND I AM BLESSED TO HAVE YOU AS A FRIEND AND DAUGHTER – and I am proud of the women you have become – and I look forward to the changed women you wil be.

  5. Jarred February 11, 2010 at 5:43 pm #

    Keep it up Nadie! You got me hooked. I have to go read some of your older posts now. Don’t ever lose that “reckless”mouth!! Haha. Luv it.

  6. supawyman February 11, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    Change – let me see. Yes it can be good. The first time change takes place it’s confusing because of being used to the same everyday life or it could be hard because you deal with different surroundings. Change can hurt or help. I was encouraged to see that change can be of great benefit if you allow it to, just put forth the effort. If you struggle with change then lean on those who will hold you up. Lean on those who will encourage you to build strength to accept the change.

    A.Keys a Lesson Learned has also been my favorite song since her album was dropped, I even have it as one of my ring tones. Lesson learned means you realize the mistakes you made in life but then also realize that others make mistakes so don’t continue to blame yourself.

    A Lesson Learned. Relationship change everyday…love changes every day it can either grow stronger, weaker or disappear completely. Love can also make you realize that we too can hurt someone even if we think we didn’t. In relationships the lessons we can learn is to forgive and not give up.

    This year I have learned to be a strong woman, do the right thing for myself, build a stronger relationship with my children. As long as I’m living my GOAL is to continue to reach out to my children whether good or bad. Sometimes your children can even give you some advise, things that they see from the outside can be presented for you to see. I’ve learned in 2009 to keep my circle small, never again trust a MAN who can’t understand your heart and trust in the Almightly contantly. I have also learned in 2009 that it’s important to love yourself before you can ever love another. When you start loving yourself you will start to understand how to love another.2009 has brought a lot of pain, distrust, anger, hatred and heartache but that was last year. My goal is to take it one day at a time this year, enjoy life as each moment goes by because before you know it life will change again. We get older by the day not just by the year, so each day that we live we need to take advantage of doing the best we can do.

    UUMm RECKLESS MOUTH!I think anyone who knows me I had that same quality, I was reckless in a lot things but only because I had no trust in anyone. I speak my mind but then learned that your mind can play tricks on you……..I learned throughout the years but really didn’t understand or comprehend what it meant to “be quick about hearing, slow about speaking” I have learned to listen first…..then I see that you will not have to speak words you can’t take back. So that’s a goal that I have reached do far.

    Sada’s album will hit the stores soon. The one song that caught my ear is called “Soldier of Love” in the song she mentions LOOSING THE USE OF HER HEART BUT SHE’S STILL ALIVE…WILD WILD WEST DOING MY BEST..I’M A SOLDIER OF LOVE EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE…I’VE BEEN TORN INSIDE, I’VE BEEN LEFT BEHIND, SO I HAVE THE URGE TO SURVIVE…

    I have survived relationships that were abusive both mentally, physically and sexualy,………I’m a SOLDIER AND I WILL SURVIVE!!

    Thanks for having this blog for view points of you and all who reply. You have grown to be a wonderful young woman…….

  7. Talisha February 11, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    MP that was great it brought me tears of joy!!!!!! Your absolutely right. You have come so far keep going. Just know that this has up lifted me and what makes it so great that i know that it will touch so many others. Keep going!!!! You have to go for your goals cause no one but you can make it happen for yourself….

  8. lazavia February 12, 2010 at 11:00 am #

    Hey babezzz! That was deep! 2009 was a struggle 4 me. way too many tears shed but definetly a learning experience. I believe I’ve cchanged between then n now. Anywhoo great job on the blog! Smoochezzz

  9. tamayia May 2, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    Hi nadie..this is the first time finally reading ur is great! Keep up The great work..some of this stuff is actually helpful..damn it!! Ha ha ha ha ha…i cant either…lol muwaaaaa

  10. Mini Monie December 10, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

    Okay sooooo i deff agree. umm i think change is important thing in everyone’s life. In my opinion someone who doesnt change, its a sign of weakness. The fear of something new. And as i learned from Dad the other day the onli thing u shud fear is fear itself. Fear holds you back in life. Change is good. It keeps us sane and constantly learning new things. So i embrace change.


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