The Appropriate First Date…

19 Feb

Thanks everyone for your posts last week! I hope you enjoyed the blog just as much as I enjoyed releasing my 2009!

This week we are going to flow a lil different so I invite all of you again to post and feel free to discuss, debate, whatever your heart desires! Enjoy.

This past week was a good week! Can’t really complain about much which is rare (lol) but I am thankful for getting through the week. I met with a few friends and they definitely inspired me to keep blogging and to just be myself with this thing. My family has totally been supportive every time I text them with the new blog posts and I am just thankful for the support. Truly I am!

But, I really want to talk about this man made holiday that just recently passed. I’ve never been one to go ooberly insane over “St. Valentine’s Day” and nor do I think anyone else should. Great, it may be a nice day to pop the question, or even celebrate a birthday, to me a nice card will do. I don’t need anything really. Others need to be shown that they are appreciated. I can reason with them in some cases. For instance, when your partner, spouse, fling, jump-off, whatever, that person is to you, feels the need to be appreciated on “St. Valentine’s Day” then you need to do everything your pockets will allow you to do…to make him or her feel special. If money isn’t what you have then you want to cook a nice dinner at the crib. Maybe call a babysitter if there are kids involved and have a nice candlelight dinner. Put some candles all around the room, along with some rose petals and do your thang in the kitchen. That’s a nice gift and any female would appreciate it and so would a male, especially when you know you rarely show your appreciation for one another. But, that’s exactly my point! Why do you have to show your appreciation on one day?!? On February 14th every single year? Why not a little here and there throughout the year?

What if this is your first “St. Valentine’s Day” with someone? Is it appropriate to take them out to dinner, a movie, bowling, to play pool, maybe to Dave and Buster’s, a nightclub, lounge, to see a play on Broadway, to a Bed and Breakfast, or straight to the telli? Wow…so many options and this list can go on forever but what is the appropriate first date? Especially on such a love infested man-made holiday?

Most people go to dinner. I even over heard my waiter on Friday night asking the couple next to me if this was their first “Valentine’s Day” together and he didn’t answer but of course the female did and responded “Yes.” Anyways, it just seems like the common thing to do.

Don’t really recommend the movies although some of you may have done that because it doesn’t allow you to engage in much conversation. To me if a man is interested in knowing me and interested in dating me why, and I repeat in caps, WHY are you taking me to a movie…in the dark? Yes, I know what you’re thinking and yes I am going say it but lights out means there is room for hugging and kissing…in the dark, and you have it in your mind that you’ll have sex…in the dark…maybe even that night!! Like WHY? Why even allow your “first date” to be at a movie…hello!!! In my opinion you’re automatically placed in the “jump-off” category. Now you may be laughing but this is how I see it.

**Side Bar* Did you know that the day before this “St. Valentine’s Day”, February 13th, is known as certified “take your jump off out day” wtfelipé?**

Anyways, sorry if you are thinking about the day you went out with your date because he made up some reason about why the two of you couldn’t go out on Sunday! Oops. This can go for guys too…as Jay-Z once said, “Ladies is pimps too!”

Well let me know what you think is the appropriate first date and why? Also, I would like to know if “St. Valentine’s Day” is a big deal or not to you.

Feel free to email me your thoughts, questions, comments, concerns, hate, a blog topic you wanna see, or whatev to

Thanks for reading,

Nadie La La

***I love you Grandma you are forever in my memories! It’s been 18 years since you’ve been gone and you have touched many of your family’s hearts in such a way we still talk about you often till this day. XoXo! 2/14/92-2/14/2010****


12 Responses to “The Appropriate First Date…”

  1. jesse February 19, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    I have been married for 4 years now but even before my wife and I were married I always cooked her her favorite meal on valentines day got her a fake flower cause they dont die and a box of whitmans chocolates but thats just me and has become the annual thing we do

  2. jesse February 19, 2010 at 3:08 pm #

    as for the first date thing I went to the movies for my first date with my GF later wife but I guess its kinda different for other people since we knew each other long before going on any date so there was no need to engage in conversation

    • princessnadielala February 19, 2010 at 7:38 pm #

      Hi Jesse,

      The funny thing is one of my first dates were too to the movies but just like you we had plenty of conversation prior to the meet up. I am glad to hear that you have one of the cutest things I’ve heard in a while about the flowers. That is a very cute idea. After a week most flowers are done and over with. Congrats on being married for four years. I hope the two of you continue to have many years together.

      Thanks for blogging,

      Nadie La La

  3. JonMark February 19, 2010 at 3:43 pm #

    This is so true… I almost ended up at the movies cuz it seemed like the only thing to do at the time… We didn’t go thank god cuz I didn’t wanna be sitting in a theater on V-day cuz it def woulda been some jump off situation and I don’t see this girl like that… Anyways well written.

    • princessnadielala February 19, 2010 at 7:40 pm #


      That seems to be an interesting situation you had going on there. Can you imagine what the girl would have been feeling if she wanted to go to the next step and you wouldn’t have? I guess you did both her and you a favor by canceling the date!

      Thanks for blogging and make sure you subscribe!

      Nadie La La

      • Jonathan February 24, 2010 at 3:33 pm #

        No…. I had a good time with her but I just didn’t wanna be in a theater… cuz it was gonna be packed and I like laying down in the theater while I watch the movie… She wouldn’t have been upset anyways it was more her idea not to go. So it worked out in both of our favors

  4. Talisha February 20, 2010 at 12:32 am #

    Well chica I agree with the knowledge u are kicking. I thought it was common sense but I guess common sense is not common. The only time it should be ok to go to the movies as a first date is if u knew the person for a long time or You have had convo’s with that person prior. Either way either way is fine. Here’s the knee slapper this is why they call it a Dinner and a Movie.. Stop think about it..

    • princessnadielala February 22, 2010 at 2:05 pm #


      I really love your idea for an unorthodox first date! I would love to do rock climbing and I am sure some others would too! Cooking together would be fun and totally opens up more room for conversation, which I am all for!

      I agree with you about the Valentine’s Day comment. I do not like the fact it is not displayed all year around. Granted you will not feel like you want to show someone love one hundred percent of the time but the feeling of being appreciated is what matters!

      Thanks so much for tuning in to the blog too Nissa really appreciate it!! Subscribe too so you get an email everytime I post a new!

      • princessnadielala February 22, 2010 at 2:06 pm #

        I just have four words for you Talisha!


  5. nissa February 21, 2010 at 1:49 am #

    Ahh first dates. Exciting, scary, silly. Dinner on first date seems to be standard. Nothing wrong with it, it just puts more pressure on forcing coversation. I would love if a first date consisted of doin somethin unorthodox. Maybe rock climbing, touring a wine vineyard, or something of the sorts. Dates should be fun not forced. A nice spin on dinner would be cooking together. It would loosen the 2 parties up so that when they actually sat down to eat they could feel at ease. As for vday, psshh. Its just another day. Nothing wrong with doin something nice or sweet. It just shouldn’t be reserved for one day. And people that are single on vday shouldn’t feel bad about missing a day when some, not all,people try to portray themselves as loving romantic people. Most of it is a facade. That’s all I got. Lovin the blogs btw.

  6. Beautiful Nightmare March 2, 2010 at 9:58 pm #

    Alright Chica, I totally understand where your coming from. When it comes to the appropriate first date; I never understood why guys always assume that chicks want dinner and a damn movie as a first date. Modern girls today; can go to Fridays and watch Netflix by themselves.

    A date should represent the first attempt of the courting process. Ideally the guy should use this opportunity to sell himself to his woman of interest. The guy should use this outing to show the woman why she should choose to be with him or why should she consider it. A dinner for the first date is always a great start; it allows us as females to see if the guy on the other end of the table has anything intriguing enough that makes us want a second date.
    To me if a guy is trying to really get to know a woman he needs to spend more time trying to understand who she is and what makes her tick. The first date should consist of a dinner of some sort (to create some type of dialogue) and I think some kind of social gathering. Part two of the first date should be take place in a social gathering. I say a social gathering in the sense of outside of an intimate environment. This will be a great chance to lighten the mood and provides both parties with a different perspective.
    What is an appropriate first date? Maybe a light lunch and a visit to an art gallery.
    What is an appropriate first date? Maybe brunch and a trip to an aquarium.
    An appropriate date needs to stimulate my mind and intrigue my senses. Gentlemen make your date memorable; standing out from the crowd is never bad. No one is Irreplaceable!

    -Beautiful Nightmare

    • princessnadielala March 25, 2010 at 9:27 am #

      Beautiful Nightmare,

      I love, love, loved the fact that the first date should be the time when a man should SELL himself to you.
      That is exactly why we do not do the movies as a first date. You aren’t selling me much! I take myself to the movies, I take myself to Fridays, I take myself to brunch, I take myself…well you get the point. This list can go on and on one hundred times and I do believe they should intrigue, stimulate my mind, and senses as well.
      What are you going to do to make me even want a second date? Granted there may be thoughts of what the next step should really be. Maybe I only want you as a friend. Yet this is still considered a date and you need to remember that. Come correct now, so that you have a chance to be around later. Not everyone is looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe I just want to date and have fun.
      Yet, why can’t these dates be stimulating? Take me to lunch and an art gallery, aquarium, a picnic, let’s make lunch together. There are so many things men do not realize they can do. All it takes is some thinking outside of the box and you Ms. Beautiful Nightmare have brought that out with your post. Granted dinner is traditional but lets do that and something else that will blow my socks off so that I can keep you around. I am sure both he and I would not mind that at all!

      Thanks for your post!



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