Would You Meet The Kin Of Your Families Slave Owner?

20 May

So, I was reading an article on CNN.com and I came across something rather awkward. The title was “When Kin Of Slaves and Owner Meet”. At first I must say that this is a rather sensitive topic and I won’t go into too much detail about it but I would like to know the opinion of some of my readers. Now basically I can understand where the story line was going but I do not think I would agree with meeting the kin of my parents and grandparents, great grandparents, etc, slave owners children. I don’t think I personally would have anything to say or discuss. It’s not like we are getting together to talk about that one time we played in the back yard together and remember we ran into that big spider web? No these things aren’t good memories. Apparently, Betty goes around the country discussing what she endured growing up in rural Virginia back in the days when she was one of twenty-two students to integrate a high school in the late 50’s. The article is very interesting yet I cannot understand nor could I keep up with what the point was. I know they are discussing what is known as forbidden territory to discuss in this country, slavery, but there are still so many people who will not talk about this. I feel the only people who do discuss and debate about slavery is African-Americans, families who had family members who were slaves, college professors and their students. So for a white woman to be discussing slavery is odd and looked upon as if this is a step toward some type of process in America. (sn: this is not something that will be discussed in America openly: why would someone want to flaunt that their family owned slaves unless if they were a racist? Especially if they have multicultural/African-American friends?) AND she was the one to make the first move to contact Betty, now they do travel around the US to spread awareness to others about being able to discuss slavery and help others try to amend their families past wrongs as Phoebe stated in the article. It is a good read but please take the time out to read it and if you do not decided to do so, what I want to know is HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD BE WILLING TO MEET THE KIN OF THE SLAVE OWNER THAT OWNED ONE OF YOUR FAMILY MEMBERS?

Here is the article: http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/05/20/slavery.descendants.meet/index.html?hpt=C1

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3 Responses to “Would You Meet The Kin Of Your Families Slave Owner?”

  1. Jameelah May 20, 2010 at 8:59 pm #

    Wow, I had to take a deep breathe before I started to write. I wouldn’t be interested in meeting kin of any slave owners that slave my family or any family at that. However in all reality, how do we know that we haven’t? With our daily interaction with people how do we know if they are kin to a slave owner, when a lot of our own don”t even know or haven’t trace their own history.I personally feel that if I knew for a fact that a particular family took part in slaving one of my family members,that I would feel some type of way, because it would hit a soft spot in my soul.

    I love this post, Keep doing your thing!

  2. @TGIFhaas May 21, 2010 at 7:55 am #

    WOW…wonderful topic and approach to such a sensitive one. I would definitely meet with and look into the eyes of whomever. I know i wouldnt be able to change the past but to meet with whom and converse and see their views on such a sensitive subject matter that remains so apparent in our everyday. I definitely believe with this article, theres some sort of idea that if discussed it will mend differences, almost dumbing down the whole ordeal. They put Civil Rights into play and with that instead of being specific referring to African Americans…they made it a broad issue….Now all races are benefiting from our history or struggle so to say. It was ours that changed this world we live in. But name it Civil Rights so it wont just be associated to Blacks but all colors who suffered some sort of slavery. idk if i explained my point but regardless great topic. I would just want to meet to show them a difference. Like we are Intellects, we are the founders of this great world, WE BUILT THIS WORLD!!!

  3. lazavia May 21, 2010 at 1:18 pm #

    I definetly would because my fam history is so crazy, chopped, and screwed on my moms side alone. My grandfathers side @ 1 point owned a plantation n slaves and my grandothers mom was a slave. It would be very interesting. Great one hunni


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