To Be Manipulated… Or Not.

2 Jul

Why would one pretend to be in love when they aren’t? Is it all about using someone to get what you want? When is it okay to manipulate someone to get what you need temporarily? I understand everyone uses someone at some point in life but why do it for days, months, or years, if you knew your heart wasn’t in it from the door? They say women are emotional creatures yet we are always one step ahead. I have spoken to some intellectual men in my days but they say women are more manipulative than most men. I think this is a two way street; I just feel men know how do a better job at it. They put their feelings out there about they feel, whether good or bad, and expect us to be okay with it. The funny thing is when you decide to adjust to the sudden changes it is an issue. This is going to be short and sweet but I just think men need to appreciate what they have or don’t get into it at all. Save yourself and myself some drama down the road. This is for all the men and women who are manipulated. I just want to give the people something to think about..

Have a fantastic weekend!

Nadie La La


4 Responses to “To Be Manipulated… Or Not.”

  1. supawumyn July 3, 2010 at 5:22 pm #

    Yes your blog was short and sweet. It’s a good question to really think about. In my opinion a person can manipulate by just using words differently in a sentence I think about it as reverse wording. With this type of manipulation it’s hard to detect but…… the person receiving doesn’t no what hit them until it’s too late and then you would have back tract, re-think and re-evalute the conversation or relationship. You can manipulate someone by giving them a complement but then telling them somthing else to make them feel horrible……
    i.e. – I was watching George Lopez the other night and his wife was trying to build up her own business by selling make-up products. She of course was being so nice to the group and never made sale. Her trainer showed her how to manipulate the thinking of people by…….. telling them how beautiful their eyes are but then saying they would look better if you didn’t have crows feet. WAA LAA!! The manipulation worked and Mrs. Lopez sold all her products.

    This is how manipulation is so successful……… we are made to feel good at one point and then BAMB!!!! ……….. it’s all gone.

  2. talisha July 12, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    You know what i have realized they say that we are emotional creatures but they are just as emotional as we are. Why is it when you feel like okay I am going to focus time on my or give that hey it is what it is mentality that when they decided either one of two things that they need to be manipulative and try to throw you off or they automatically think something is up!!! To me if you have to manipulate the person you suppose to love, care, honor, encourage there’s def a problem and he or she needs to re think there whole situation..

  3. yaboy August 29, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

    You were short and sweet and I will be short and sweet. Do you ever think that some people may like to be manipulated or might welcome manipulation into their lives?! Why do men have to be better then women at this? I think it takes a smart person who thinks outside of the box who will be good at manipulation!

  4. unwrittentruth December 5, 2011 at 7:40 pm #

    right on. btw, i think girls manipulate by leading on with our actions, guys lead on with words. Sadly, girls listen too much to what the guys say & not what they do. & guys pay too much attention to what girls do & don’t hear us saying, “u know, i wanna be just friends, but sure, i’ll come to your brother’s going away party”… the guy probably doesn’t even hear the first clause if he likes the girl.

    Truth is, both girls & guys manipulate & get manipulated. Guys are more see-through, i think girls just choose to ignore the warning signs (usually manifested by ACTIONS), & take their pitiful “no, i’m fine. of course, i like you” too much to heart.


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