What Love Is…To Me.

4 Sep

The question was asked, “What does love mean to you?” To me it gives me a feeling that is irreplaceable, one word: happiness! Some may feel that you can’t be happy forever. But why can’t you? Why can’t the way someone treats you over power all? Granted everyone has their quirks in relationships but are you willing to get over that and just allow the inner happiness to take over those quirks? Are you willing to “look at the top of the steps from the bottom, and say I want to climb to the top with this person”?

Love is exactly what everyone has said in the past comments especially that warm fuzzy feeling when you first see them, or the happiness that you feel when you see he or she smile. It’s that moment when you get into a misunderstanding and you want it to be over with already because you don’t want to lose that warm fuzzy feeling for too long.

Love is that I will do anything for this person and they will do the same for me. Love is that connection when you look into each other’s eyes and your eyes smile. Love is random messages during the day displaying your love. Love is when the cooking, cleaning and taking care of one another is what is supposed to be done, but the setting goals and making them a reality is what needs to be done. That is love.

Love is when you’re disappointed by your “loves” actions and you feel the heartbreak. Like really feel it. Love is when you’re tossing and turning at night because of this disappointment. You just want to, once again, hurry up and get it over with and go back to that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Love is communicating beyond the basic need and challenging your mate to be better for one another. Love is a learning experience. Love is talking throughout the day and you still feel it is not enough. Love is when you are caught staring into space and smiling because of love.

Love is occasional kisses and I love you’s that sound extremely sincere that you know it came from the heart. Love is that feeling you get when you see their number on your caller ID after a long day. Love is random surprises to keep the relationship “fresh”.

Love is turning your cheek to the other side when temptation is luring. Love is not allowing any temptation to win you over. Your “love” is the only one that exists, no one else. Love is allowing one to be themselves all the time and accepting it.

Love has no secrets. Love tells all. Love reveals all. There are so many more things that we can go on and on about but most of all we are able to love because “God is Love”.

Nadie La La


5 Responses to “What Love Is…To Me.”

  1. Haas September 4, 2010 at 10:00 am #

    wonderful this is dope!!!! been missing these!!!

  2. lazavia September 4, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Soo on point!! My eyes r tearin lol

  3. Talisha September 5, 2010 at 11:33 am #

    Yes yes yes. U describe love to a T.. Fava line we are able to love because God loves. Go head chica!!!!!!Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. YaBoy October 4, 2010 at 4:10 pm #

    Which way is the GWB?

    I do not know what is going on lately but a lot of people are taking their lives. Why, I ask myself when I see these stories. I wonder if their lives are that bad, that the only thing that comes to mind is to take ones life. Things must be really really bad if life must come to an end. I mean I have bad days and I think damn this can’t get any worse and I wish the day was over. I sometime think…if I was dead I wouldnt have to deal with this and it passes. I never had thoughts that stick around for longer then a few minutes and I’m just talking. When do these kids whom I have seen take their lives lately, cross the line from FML to suicide.
    I mean seriously!?!? Your roommate got you on video getting some ass, does that mean you should end everything? Will your life be over?! Okay if it gets out you have a few bad months and people know you as the kid who got some ass and it was taped without you knowing. You catch 15 mins of fame and then it’s over. Does it call for you to end a life, no. I know some people can shoulder more then others and maybe that was the straw that broke this kids back. How about we go old school and beat this person
    who taped you senseless or press charges?

    There was another case were a young kid took his life because he was picked on in school for being gay. I know kids can be soooo cruel and take things way too far but to take one’s life is harsh. I think this young boy told his step father that he was gay. And the step father said okay and that it was fine. How did that translate to this young boy to take his life?

    Are we bringing up young kids who are super emo and feel like the best thing in life is to commit suicide? I think kids need to have thicker skin. You didnt see young black kids back in the day taking their lives!?!?!?! Itsh! they had rocks tossed at their heads/faces at high speeds, spit on, fire hoses with high pressure blasting them. And that’s a sure case of FML but it didnt seem to cross over to suicidical thoughts.

    What doesn’t kill you… makes you strong!

    I know this is random but I just wanted to start a convo with you and didnt see a place to do so.

    Ya Boy!


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