Am I really an overthinker?

13 Dec

This is exactly why I don’t go to sleep before ten. I always wake up around midnight and can’t sleep for three hours. Why not do something productive? Maybe I will give into my addiction and harvest my crops on Farmville. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do this in the morning before work so why not? If I didn’t have to sleep I don’t think I would. It’s not that I am missing out on anything because I am extremely anti-social these days but, I just think that the brain is brewing up too many questions that go unanswered. The best thing that I’ve heard all day, “Thinking helps you prepare solutions for imaginary problems. – Dan Rockwell” WOW! I believe that may be true. I have to think of a solution that I am happy with. I have to think of all the avenues my actions can lead to. I have to truly believe that this road that I am thinking about going down is the right road and if I just so happen to fail, then I have to be okay with that. I can question myself to death and still not know the answer. Have you ever felt like you are the person that everyone comes to with all their problems yet you have no one to go to? I can think that this situation is my fault but will I believe it? I want to be able to go to someone that I trust with whatever maybe bothering me but do I really trust them is the question? See what I mean???…over thinker!! It is far too late to be asking twelve hundred and five questions so I will leave this off with a good night!


P.S. 1:16am wayyyy too ridiculous


6 Responses to “Am I really an overthinker?”

  1. Mini Monie December 13, 2010 at 7:48 am #

    Hmmmm wow da same blood realli runs through our veins. We think exactly the same way. N sometimes its possible 2overthink things but it always better to think before u act than to not think at all. N ive always felt like people always come to me with their problems but I cannot go to those same people with mine. Again a good one and it got me thinking more. 🙂

  2. kanene December 13, 2010 at 9:37 am #

    Dag Nadie, this whole post had me thinking, I woke up thinking before I seen the link to this page. You may be an overthinker but I think it just runs thru the female genes lol. We think far an beyond in a lot of situations an a lot of things are left not answered. Good post hun!! An I’m answering this at 9am when I should still be sleeping!

  3. Aunt Christy December 13, 2010 at 1:52 pm #

    You should have called me. I was awake with your cousin thinking am I going to be extremely tired and cranky when I wake up? Am I going to have to leave school early to pick up my sick munchkin? That was just the base. I added on a million more questions concerning other things and by the time I was finished with my questions I was right back where I started because none of them got answered. SMH.

  4. Haas December 13, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    Wow this is another relative topic. I over think my every step. Its weird, Questioning every action of your own even the actions of others. Very critical, almost too serious sometimes but its cool, its ok, indvidualism. Idk, was at this Jam Session on Saturday evening. So new to the scene of it but being a artist, i had to be there. I enjoyed myself overall, greatly but the point is that i never thought or saw myself as a freestyler…The Jam Session brought all sorts of Artists and Musicians, while the band played amazingly…the singers and mc’s had to freestyle. The artsy vibe and decor plus alcohol and piffy allowed me to open up and display the talent. Dont get me wrong it needs work. But i over think especially when it comes to music. Now i overcame that freestyle fear. Overthinking always use to mess me up when freestyling. Idk just my thoughts… peace yall

  5. Supawumyn December 17, 2010 at 7:41 am #

    It’s funny that you are an over thinker. Your father and sister are the same way. It’s a good quality but then also can be a bad one. Balance is necessary because if you don’t balance you will find it difficult to make decisions. But your thoughts Nadie are what we like for you to share with us on this blog because then it gets us thinking. Sorry such a late response.

  6. Magic December 20, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    I cannot speak for everyone, but I know for me – I feel like my habit of over thinking came when the majority in the world started to under think things. When the world became the sorry generation. So watching everyone, I decided I did not want to be a part of the generation that was always saying sorry. Therefore, I started to over think everything I did so I would not have to hurt people and myself often. Honestly, I think this is a gift and curse all in one. For instance, I cannot really explain this but when I played basketball in Junior High, High School and College – I could probably pass the ball better than most. I cannot say I was a great basketball player but for some reason even under extreme situations like this, where a decision had to be made in about 1 to 3 seconds I could see what pass would be most successful before the play happened. When your a over thinker – you can walk yourself down roads that non-thinkers can’t. The problem with this blessing that becomes a curse is in order for you to master the blessing/curse – you have to think of the worse case scenario also – which could lead to seeming like a negative person or in fact being a negative person. People say I always think the worse, but that is not true. I just think of every possible scenario and go up from their. I do not see it as any different as bring a coat on a chilly day and saying if it gets warm, I will take it off. However, not having the coat – well you could freeze. Long of the short is – I have found that me being an over thinker has benefitted those I know – while it has hurt me to some degree. It can rob those of us that are of precious time enjoying life. Thus -the blessing and the curse.


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