“Love and Insanity Are Somewhat Related”

18 Dec

When I think about that line by Ne-Yo in his song, “Crazy Love” off his new album Libra Scale, I can’t help but think he is on to something. Love and insanity are on two opposite sides of the street but when you are in love you tend to do some crazy things. One may say that those crazy things are reactions of love and not insanity. There are some cases where one may be infatuated with their mate then yes this can lead to insanity. I am one who thinks that love can make you do things that you swore you would never do. Do I think it is insanity? No, I don’t. However, little things that wouldn’t bother you… do. When it comes to a negative situation, if someone else were to do them, you probably wouldn’t even care, but when it is the one you love, you become full of rage and anger. Ironically, rage can be associated with passion and we know you can describe love by using the word passion. This is where the two can meet, love and insanity. I know from personal experience you deal with some things only because of love. You will do some insane things because of that same love…and your partner will too. To some, a person’s actions or their first “insane” gesture can show their true signs of love. Love is blind we hear that all the time. When you are in love you are blind to your mate’s imperfections, these things are overlooked. As time goes on you begin to see and realize that you may have been insane this whole time and they were in love with who you are as a blinded individual, not the “real you”. You were so blinded that you became this “yes” man, if you will, and once the dust settled they accepted you for who you are because they know how you could be or how you once were in those “blind” days. But, now you both come to realize neither one of you were being yourselves and you begin to try and change this person because you “love” them. You begin to grow insane because you are repeating the same trend over and over. You continuously try to change one another and if one is not eager to change then you end up with the same results, a dead end. So in essence love and insanity are two different spectrums.

 I would like to leave this off with a quote from, The Devil’s Advocate, Love is…”biochemically no different than eating large quantities of chocolate.”



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