Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, and Orange

14 Feb

I woke up feeling great. I have the perfect people in my life right now and I am a child of God what more can I ask for? Everything is working in my favor and I cannot be happier. Today was a very slow day at work but it happens not every day is going to be a busy day. I was looking forward to getting a pedicure all day! So finally the moment has come and I decided to be prepared for Spring a few weeks in advance! Someone had to do it besides the fashion designers. Green, yellow, purple, blue and orange; those were the colors that caught my eye as I heard, “Helllllo, how can I help you?” “I would like a pedicure please.” “Okay pick ya color, just a minute” I nodded my head and glimpsed at the green, yellow, purple, blue and orange nail polish. I couldn’t decide which one to choose so I decided to pick them all.

As I walk to the back of the nail shop, I say a quick hello to my manicurist who was busy buffing someone’s nails. She says hello. I am finally in the back of the salon and she asks, “Want a massage?” “Sure it’s been a long day why not?” I responded. She seemed surprised by all the colors I present her with a smile and she laughs. I ask, “Can I have all of these?” “Sure we could do that” I was super duper excited!

I just had to share my excitement; it is the little things that make one happy. So hopefully your day was as exciting as mine! Lol I am happy to say that my toes have nice fun colors on them and I am prepared for my yoga class tomorrow! Clearly, this was the highlight of my evening and I am glad I skipped my pilates class for this.

Good night all!


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  1. Haas February 16, 2011 at 11:35 am #



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