Countdown to T-day

22 Feb

I know I am corney for the title but I don’t care. Countdown to T-day…. Wisdom teeth removal is on Thursday morning and I am not looking forward to it. I don’t think the teeth pulling (T for teeth…dah) is the concern. I am more concerned with the skipping meals part. The applesauce, the soup, the mash, the smoothies (specifically from Panera I hope), just the non-amazing foods that I would love to partake in. Not to offend anyone but if you’ve been around me you that I loveeeee me some food. Tonight I had curried goat, amazing food. Tomorrow morning for breakfast I will have a breakfast sandwich that I make every morning, another amazing meal. Sigh, what is a girl to do? I decide that during the times I can function I want to blog my experiences and pray that no one will have to eat baby meals for a day or two. Well off I go because 24 hours and ten minutes from now… I will start fasting for my surgery. Adios!



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