39 minutes…

23 Feb

Okay so in 1 hour or less depending on when you’re reading this…I will not be able to eat so I have been writing down what I have eaten today…calorie counting was not an issue by the way… Wednesday, February 23, 2011.

At 9:20 am on my way to work, I ate a pork roll, egg and cheese on a plain bagel and it was amazing. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. It was worth it.

At 9:35 am I go to the bank to make a deposit and noticed a bin filled with colorful lollipops that matched my toes. I was almost tempted to walk over there but I looked at the time and decided to go on to my next destination…work.

At 9:43 am I am sitting in my car tweeting on Twitter then I notice my “Starbucks Cards Manager” app on my Evo. I look to my left and a familiar name crosses my eyes. Starbucks.

At 9:48 am I am slowly drinking my Cinnamon Dolce Latte with soy and caramel drizzle. Now I can go to work.

2:18 pm and yes I really did check the times for every session just for this blog, I ate my curried goat with rice and peas while I tweeted to the world how amazing it really was.

At 3:48 pm I decided to enjoy my new favorite snack, Special K: Strawberry Crisp Bars, it was very good.

At 8:00 pm I ate a homemade salad with fresh lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, green olives, and a boiled egg with Italian dressing. I knew it would do for the time being. I knew that I was going to be eating one more meal before midnight.

At 10:26 I decided to eat this meal from Taco Bell, a Nachos Bel Grande and a crunchy taco supreme, which was eh okay but at least I was able to use the back teeth that will be pulled tomorrow.

So, 4 bottles of water later and many fun amazing meals, I feel cheated. I think I should have taken off of work today to eat more meals. No meals or snacks from 3:48-8:00 that is a little absurd especially when I keep hearing all of these stories of how many days I will be eating nothing.

If this is the case all I want to do is sleep and drink water. Nah, who am I kidding???

Good night!



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