“To Be or Not To Be”

9 Aug

“To Be or Not To Be.” This familiar quote by Shakespeare seems to be racking my brain in more ways than one. Shakespeare was talking about life and death; I’m just talking about life. “To Be or Not To Be” what does it mean to be? What is it you desire to be? Who is it you desire to be? Why do you desire to be….who you are going to be? Why do some people present themselves to be something they aren’t? When will you be who you want to be? I feel you will never be who you want to be because we are programmed to be for someone else. At work, you aim to please your boss so you BEcome who they want you to BE. At school, you aim to please your teachers so you can BEcome a great student and get a good grade. In love, you aim to please your partner so you can BE happy. How many of us can say that we are who we are, like it or love it you won’t budge nor will you change? I remember I used to say that. As much as I want to think I am that way today, I can say that I BEcame if not one but definitely all three of the Beings’ listed above. Some are in denial but when you really think about it, it all goes back to Shakespeare’s quote “To Be or Not To Be”.



2 Responses to ““To Be or Not To Be””

  1. Haas August 9, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    “TO BE OR NOT TO BE?” RIGHT!? DOPE DOPE DOPE. Its definitely a refreshing thought and feeling of being oneself. People go so far into believing and pursuing false identities. Who really acts the way they are really suppose to? Who knows how? How do you lose the ego? I want to believe that personally I do give my best effort in being Hahson, and whoever that is, Idk lol, The individual, the differences that make up my individuality is amazing, the same for the next. Instead of being extraordinary, try the ordinary approach because there are too many trying to be extraordinary. I will reuse that last reference and outlook a lot! Peace

  2. Tia August 9, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    To Be Or Not To Be? As human beings I think we are constantly questionning ourselves. Who Am I? What Am I Doing? Who Am I Doing This For? Am I Doing This For Self-Acceptance? Validation From Others? What’s The True Purpose? Of Life? Of My Life? Why Am I Here?

    I don’t know the answers and really think many of us spend a lifetime trying to figure out these answers. But what makes sense is to serve each other. Whether ppl need a helping hand, advice on a situation, assistance w/ a bday party, etc… It jus seems to make sense to live for one another. Could be a smile, acceptance, love, dysfunction, what ever… TO BE OR NOT TO BE is simply a choice to be with each other or not to be bothered at times. (Jus thinking…out loud)


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