Good Bye Summer….Hello Fall!

17 Sep

With the Summer’s end quickly approaching, Fall is definitely knocking on the door especially last night with that 44 degree weather! Any who, I decided to reminisce a little on one of the best Summer’s a girl has had in a few years!

It started out with my boss asking me to resign so the Summer officially began for me on June 10! I was so concerned about working that Saturday because my favorite event was coming up! The Belmar Seafood Festival! I decided to go that Friday and I had some of the most amazing food! The food was totally different from the year before and very fattening. We (my girlfriend and I) enjoyed tilapia wrapped in lettuce with avocado and salsa, grilled corn on the cob with mayo and cheese, crab cake sliders with more avocado, and bacon, and our favorite Cajun seasoned shrimp from New Orleans! It was very amazing! Can’t you tell?

I celebrated my mom’s birthday at one of my favorite places to eat Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse! Just thinking about that day I kind of want it now! Doesn’t it seem like I love food? Smh.

Shortly after that… I went on a family trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica! Definitely a much needed vacation after the last few months of stress on the job. It was a great time just hanging with my aunts, uncles, cousins, oh and my baby sis and boo too. How could I forget the bride and groom? We had some amazing times and so many memories were taken home back to the states! Can’t wait for the next couple to get married!!!

Immediately after vaca, I went to the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met Museum in NYC. The exhibit was amazing, I wish they allowed flash photography because this one gray outfit was amazing and I wanted it! Also, I had some amazing yogurt from this amazing place that I cannot recall but it was amazing! LOL. I also went to BBQ’s (Dallas BBQ) and got some nice blisters from these wedges I was wearing! I won’t forget that day!

I had many beach days, I mean at least two times a week beach days. I sent my dad a picture of the horizon and asked him if I was born there. I truly meant it! I love the beach and I enjoyed it with Kanene and Missy Pooh too. We had some amazing meals on the beach! That day with Kanene we had some amazing turkey sandwiches and tons of water! While with Missy Pooh I had this amazing concoction… this shrimp salad from Brennan’s Deli and a Caesar salad mixed! Wow amazing! But, the beach kept me sane during the job hunt and my Kindle kept me occupied while I caught some sun!

I was able to find my family history back to the 1600’s on in 14-days!! Thanks to a free trial offer lol.

Although, I did lose some people this year, Melody, Jumbo, and Justin… the world welcomed some cute lil babies, Ray Xavier and Hayden. May God continue to bless those families who have lost their loved ones.

I discovered a new love for nail polish thanks to someone….I won’t say any names 🙂 but I am ever so grateful for our time spent and drinking some amazing hot tea!

I also decided to go natural (no longer get a relaxer) and it has been a great journey so far. I have an amazing buddy who encouraged me to do so…Kanene…and I have influenced others along the way. It has kept me busy and I definitely love the process! (That’s a natural style-my fro-hawk!!)

I have watched lots of television while searching for a gig and have fallen in love with ‘Criminal Minds’. I managed to find all three channels this show comes on and record it all day long! Some life I live! But, I love the BAU!!!

The Summer ended with a bang! I spent it watching ‘Straw Dogs’ at the Menlo Park Mall’s Dine In Movie Theatre. It was awesome! It was one of the best ways to end the Summer and I spent it with some great people.

With job loss comes many blessings and I have been blessed this Summer. Never once did I worry about my welfare or finances! I was able to re-enroll for classes this Fall and I have an amazing support system. Thanks to those who have encouraged me to keep striving for my goals. Thanks to my Rock… you are a blessing!



2 Responses to “Good Bye Summer….Hello Fall!”

  1. Twana Scott September 18, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    Aww I love it! This actually has been one fantabulous summer for me as well. Jamaica was the highlight and I’ve had a few sprinkles of excitement here and there. I can’t recall exactly when summer began because it’s summer all year long out here in the desert! I guess it would be May when my prince got out of school. His birthday was June 19 which fell on Father’s Day. We (my honey, son and dad) decided to go to San Diego to celebrate his birthday at Sea World. Dad stayed behind and spent the day on the beach. We all had a blast! Few weeks later was the much anticipated trip to Jamaica. Yes, yes yes girl we all enjoyed eachothers company emensely!! The jokes kept coming along with the food. It was an amazing vacation. School started the end of August and thus far, it has been going well. I’m taking business courses which is very different as I have been a nursing student for so many years. Switching career paths was difficult to decide upon but I feel confident with my decision and am enjoying the change in course. I am a sponge for knowledge so this has certainly been an enlightening experience. To end my summer, I flew back to NY to be with my best friend who lost her father. She now lives in Alabama with her hubby and step-son. She was in NY at the time her father passed to attend her sisters baby shower. All in one week; a baby shower, a death (both events happened the same day), a birth (her sister had the baby 2 days after her dad passed) and a funeral. Unbelievable. Such a mix of emotions. It was great seeing her family who is my extended family although the circumstances were not the best.
    Yes, summer of 2011 was one to remember. Back to the grind of school and work. With the love and support of my honey I’ll get through another semester. I just have to remember to balance it all. We Libras are usually pretty good at that!

  2. Haas September 18, 2011 at 8:17 pm #



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