Is It Just Me?

16 Nov

Is it just me but I cannot sit in a classroom to learn nor can I take online courses. If I were able to use my cell phone during class I would probably be playing Words with Friends or writing this blog. I tend to tune out after an hour or so and just do my own thing. I don’t understand why tuition is so much yet the courses are so easy. Maybe I’m just a genius but I’m bored. I have one class that presents a challenge for me the others just bore me. I can’t wait to be challenged or at least interested in a class. Who knows how long it’ll be before that time comes!!

Is it just me or did you know that Starbucks offers skinny drinks? I’ve been counting calories with the MyFitness app on my Droid and I decided to punch in keyword Starbucks and to my surprise skinny drinks are low in fat and have fewer calories than most of the other drinks! I was extremely excited for this. Who knew??!!

Is it just me or are you over this NBA lockout? I know I am a girl and may not watch all of the games but I miss my Lakers! It’s been four months and they should come to some sort of agreement before the season is cancelled for good! President Obama said, “It would be a shame if billionaires and millionaires can’t come to some sort of agreement and have regular people lose their jobs.” I think this is an amazing statement and it is truly a reality. So I am hoping this lockout will be over soon!

That’s all from me thanks for reading!


One Response to “Is It Just Me?”

  1. Haasflow November 16, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    Starbucks makes a killing…thats what I do know…..i purchase the caramel mochiatto a lot and it was 3 and change…im like wtf…then the girl in front of me ordered a pastry and some type of coffee and her total was like 9 and some change…bummer!!!.lolol…and THE NBA LOCKOUT…that needs to end….seriously like cmon…didn’t know about the Obama comment but that makes total sense….like how cant both sides make an agreement…both sides are being way to greedy. I miss my Lakers also. I just miss having something cool to watch instead of all these horrible shows that come on TV. I watch so much old school shit and excuse my lang…but Its true…I watch NBA Greatest Games a lot though. We need dope writers in television!!!! Nadia help us!!!!


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