Black Friday Sale!!!

25 Nov

It’s Black Friday! Last year I had a great opportunity to make some money instead of spending money on Black Friday! Besides that fact that I had to work, I also decided to open a checking account with ING and made $113!! I had to use my debit card six times and they were all for little purchases at the drug store buying packs of gum and juice! This year they have a few different offers and they are giving away a few hundred dollars to bank with them again! Here are the offers and I hope you decide to make some money while spending a little too! Visit

Earn $107 for opening an Electric Orange Checking account

Earn $27 bonus when you open a new Kids Savings account

Earn $32 when you open a Money account for parents and teens

Earn $100 when you open a ShareBuilder account after your first 2 trades!

Earn $100 when you rollover your IRA to ING

I’ve been following a few small stocks so I am considering opening a ShareBuilders account, but hurry this sale ends November 27th at 11:59pm ET

*I do not work nor am I being paid by ING Direct to market their offers



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