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Daniel Fast Day 11

12 Jan

Thank you everyone for your continuous encouragement during the Daniel Fast. Today was a bit hard for me because I am missing my normal foods. (This was torture)


I know someone recently commented that I should make this a lifestyle but right now I’m not ready to. I decided to fast for the right reasons, to honor God with a pure heart, willing to give up something to draw closer to Him, and allow myself to gain mental clarity. So far so good. I’m so grateful for that. But, knowing that the entire fast would be a bit of a rocky road is also good. God didn’t intend for our lives to be good all the time. Of course there will be trials and tribulations and this allows us to stay close to God. It allows us to get on our knees and pray to Him to help us get THROUGH the trials. He will never give us more than we can handle. Even if we inflict it upon ourselves. He is always there for us and always there to bring us back to Him by the trials that we face.

Today I read Luke 8 and enjoyed a great bible study.

I ate potatoes with veggie sausages for breakfast, organic steel oats with apples and cinnamon for lunch, and a veggie stir fry for dinner.

This evening I decided to no longer document my journey and again I thank everyone for your kind thoughts and encouragement. I have 9 days left and I am looking forward to them, God willing. I will continue blogging but just know I will complete the fast! Thanks for your support especially Willow, nightshade, watw, worrywarts, John, poeticjourney, and Bernadette!


Princess NadieLaLa


Daniel Fast Day 10

10 Jan

I’m half way there guys!!! Today I woke up feeling a lot better and wanted to hit the gym to get back into the swing of things. I am so afraid of losing so much weight while fasting, so I had cut down my gym routine tremendously. I miss it though. I find myself eating less and less and I think that I will only eat salads and a few stir-fry’s here and there for the rest of the fast. I have really enjoyed making all the different meals and it really opened my mind to what the vegan lifestyle is really like. I have come to enjoy my veggie sausages and didn’t think that I would actually finish the 4-pack during the fast. I bought so much food initially that it was actually enough for the entire fast. I have to buy some more bananas for my oats but that’s it. Like I mentioned this morning, I love the person that I am becoming, I am just thinking things through a little bit more and I am blessed! How could one ever say they aren’t blessed?

Today’s reading is from Luke 7 and I will continue to read the next 3 chapters of Revelation for my bible study.

Be blessed!

Don’t forget to check out creativelysaving.blogspot.com

Daniel Fast Day 9

10 Jan

Yesterday I was so sick!!! The entire day! I had to force myself to eat oats and a banana around 3 in the afternoon. I’m sure it was those amazing tacos that I had but I don’t think ill eat it ever again. I drank Pellegrino with lemon and had a bottle of water. I was not feeling it at all.

I did manage to complete my bible reading for the fast, Luke 6 which was when Jesus chose His disciples. I do realize that I have more talks with God and I am conscience of what I’m saying or how I am reacting to certain things. I notice more people talking to me about the fast and their issues. It allows me to uplift those who I would have never thought needed the encouragement. I love the person I am becoming.

Be blessed!

Daniel Fast Day 8

9 Jan

I heard a great word in service today and oddly enough the Pastor was discussing fasting. Thank God I am fasting to draw closer to God because if not, I would have definitely felt awkward because of what he said. He said something along these lines, “Fasting does not make you holy. God will not hear your prayers over anyone elses because you are fasting. If you’re fasting to become more holy then you should stop fasting and go eat ten cream puffs.” I don’t even know what a cream puff is but I am glad that is not the case for me. Later he went on to say, “Because we serve a God of goodness, He will bless you no matter if you are good or not.” So many people fail to realize that God is good to them all the time even if they do not walk after Him. He is always looking out for His greatest creation yet people call it luck, I call it favor!

Today I was a bad girl and didn’t eat my first meal until about 6 pm today but it was amazing and delicious. I had a small bag of mixed raw nuts during service. Then after service I had a small bag of freshly popped popcorn and a hand full of my tortilla chips. That was it all day. Lots of water though but no food. So after searching high and low for soft tortilla wraps with no preservatives, I finally found some but they were frozen and I was hungry so that wasn’t going to work. Then I walked my way over to the taco aisle and discovered white corn hard shell tacos which are all natural!

I made a bean and corn filling for my tacos. The recipe was from vegetarian times. http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/9129.

I added a few of my own things as usual: mushrooms, spinach, fresh black ground pepper, avocado, and vegan cheese. (Which wasn’t too bad … The cheese.) I didn’t use the sour cream and I also had a little bit of brown rice on the side. Amazing meal and I will definitely make this again after the fast, it was very good.




Today I read Luke 5 for the fast and Revelation 10-12 for bible study.

Good night!!

Thanks Wil for the plug in on your blog. Check out her blog here http://creativelysaving.blogspot.com/
great stuff and awesome art work!!!


Daniel Fast Day 7

7 Jan

One week down, two to go. Doesn’t seem so hard after all. Once you get through the first week fasting is not so bad. I’ve had so many small blessings and so many big blessings happen in a weeks time. I know my God of more than enough is going to blow my mind beyond my imagination by the end of this fast.

I was in the process of changing colleges because the tuition was getting out of control. I was paying almost eight grand per quarter for tuition, so that’s four times a year. Too much money. In the past I had tuition reimbursement so it wasn’t so bad… Now I don’t. I had to transfer. God has opened up some doors in the past 7 days and I have been accepted to my new college. I don’t have to pay too much tuition and I don’t have to pay for books at all! Thank God for scholarships!

Today I had to force myself to eat breakfast, I wasn’t hungry at all this morning. I know I said in the beginning I would only eat when I’m hungry, now I have to eat when I’m not. Backwards a little. My sis made an awesome soup for the fast. A butternut squash soup with celery, carrots, potato, cabbage, and a little bit of pasta. It was awesome!!!


Here’s the meal plan for today:

Breakfast: oats with a banana
Snack: raw mixed nuts with organic dried apples
Lunch: homemade butternut squash soup with veggie chips on the side
Snack: chips and salsa from yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!
Dinner: green leaf salad with avocado drizzled with EVOO and vinegar

Today I read Psalms 3-6 for the Daniel Fast and my daily bible reading for bible study, Revelation 10-12

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Daniel Fast Day 6

6 Jan

Today’s reading is Proverbs 1 for the Daniel Fast. I won’t say too much today I will just leave you with a picture. If you have been following my blog for sometime now you know I have an addiction to Mexican food. The fast has taken away my love for chips and salsa until I saw this…


The no preservatives, all natural, organic version of tortilla chips. That’s when the heavens opened up! God is looking out for me! He knows His daughter cannot live without these things for another day! Amen!

Love you guys thanks for all of your support via comments and Facebook! I will comment back ASAP! Xoxo

Daniel Fast Day 5

5 Jan

I will keep this short. Today I wasn’t hungry much today I had a great meal for breakfast. Veggie sausages, with potatoes, and fresh fruit. For lunch I ate wheat penne with my homemade sauce. For dinner I had a raw trail mix of nuts with a bottle of water. I made my better half breakfast this morning his was so much better than mine I’m sure but he said my sausage was better than his. 🙂




Today I read Luke 4 for the fast. Amazingly enough it was about Jesus rebuking Satan and it definitely gave me even more encouragement to keep going, to keep God first during this fast and I will continue writing to you about the blessings of God.

Be blessed

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