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People These Days….

2 Dec

I am sitting in my car minding my own business, catching my breath because I just had this amazing workout at the gym. I notice two women walking into the car next to me on the left but I continue adding my workouts to the MyFitness Pal application on my Droid. I proceeded to mind my own business then I was interrupted by a dink (sound that I hear when someone hits my car door). Sigh. This women who I need to pray for, notices she hit my car door, leaves the door there, doesn’t bother to inspect… nothing. It was only after I opened my car window to inspect the “damages” myself. Yet, I still didn’t say anything at all well neither did she for that matter. I thank the Lord for giving me this sense of peace because the old me would’ve said something. Not for nothing but I am always worried about someone else’s car door if I hit it accidently. I don’t get it. People these days. Sorry I’m rambling and venting.

That is all! Lol.

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