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For Better Or Not…

25 Dec

I remember having a conversation with an old friend about the rich sharing their riches with their ex spouses once divorced. They sided strongly with the rich saying “if they were an athlete he didn’t have his wife on his back while he was tackling an opponent. She didn’t work up a skill, practice long hard hours, play in thousands of games to perfect that skill. Why should my ex get half? It’s not her talent. She’s just the wife.” Of course I disagreed with this, stating it was only right to receive some type of support since it was his lifestyle that created mine. It was his success that made US successful. It was me who stood by his side throughout this career so without me who would push him to keep going? I may not necessarily want half but I definitely need something to live comfortable.

What do you think?

I only bring this topic up because I recently read on Google News that Mel Gibson’s divorce was finalized and he had to give half of his fortune to his wife… some $400 million! That’s right, HALF. There was no prenup because they were married 26 years. I am sure she was there BEFORE he got famous and I forgot they share seven children.Now, I feel this is a little extreme, $400 million, but I do understand if she received this amount for giving input in writing films or helping with production, needless to say raising 7 children is beyond a full time J-O-B!

I still don’t know how I feel about it. I understand getting a pre-nup if you are wealthy and she is middle class and you want to get married but if you are like a Kobe Bryant who was young and didn’t know he would he a superstar like he is now, (who also didn’t have a prenup because he married for love) then he did the right thing.

When you marry, you marry for better or worse and till death, not until you blow up and before the money runs out let me go now so I can get half. Crazy world we live in. I’m rambling.

What are your thoughts on this?


Three A’s

9 Dec

“The three A’s of cherishing a woman are: attention, affection, and appreciation. Neglect destroys a woman’s spirit.”

– Rabbi Dov Heller

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