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Daniel Fast Day 11

12 Jan

Thank you everyone for your continuous encouragement during the Daniel Fast. Today was a bit hard for me because I am missing my normal foods. (This was torture)


I know someone recently commented that I should make this a lifestyle but right now I’m not ready to. I decided to fast for the right reasons, to honor God with a pure heart, willing to give up something to draw closer to Him, and allow myself to gain mental clarity. So far so good. I’m so grateful for that. But, knowing that the entire fast would be a bit of a rocky road is also good. God didn’t intend for our lives to be good all the time. Of course there will be trials and tribulations and this allows us to stay close to God. It allows us to get on our knees and pray to Him to help us get THROUGH the trials. He will never give us more than we can handle. Even if we inflict it upon ourselves. He is always there for us and always there to bring us back to Him by the trials that we face.

Today I read Luke 8 and enjoyed a great bible study.

I ate potatoes with veggie sausages for breakfast, organic steel oats with apples and cinnamon for lunch, and a veggie stir fry for dinner.

This evening I decided to no longer document my journey and again I thank everyone for your kind thoughts and encouragement. I have 9 days left and I am looking forward to them, God willing. I will continue blogging but just know I will complete the fast! Thanks for your support especially Willow, nightshade, watw, worrywarts, John, poeticjourney, and Bernadette!


Princess NadieLaLa



12 Jan

T traces of
E egotistical fears
A affecting
R realistic
S scars.

Evidence of the former existance of selfish fears moving or exciting the feelings of emotions that are truly resembling real life lasting effects of trouble.


Odd but worth posting!

67 Ways that Make Him Feel Super Respected

7 Jan


Daniel Fast Day 3

3 Jan

Hey everyone! Today was a little rough, I didn’t work out today but I actually ate more. I was more hungry than usual. I ate my new favorite meal old fashioned oats for breakfast with a banana. Many hours later, more like three, I had a snack bag of fruit. About an hour later I had a snack bag of nuts. An hour after that I had a small portion of the stir-fry I had last night. After a few hours later, more like two, I ate the left over pasta and sauce from dinner. Now about four hours later I am eating another stir fry that I created. I was inspired by a dish that I ate at P.F. Changs, spinach sauteed in fresh garlic, then added green beans, brown rice, and mushrooms. It was good and now I think I’m done for the evening. I know for sure I will definitely go to the gym tomorrow because it slowed down my eating a bit.

I should mention I was tempted to enjoy KFC with my better half today but I was able to stand my ground. We ate across from one another during lunch and I was pleased with myself for not asking for some. I am always asking to taste his food.

I was able to meditate on a few scriptures this afternoon thanks to some fellow bloggers like nightshade and wil. It really helped to know that God is capable of the impossible and I am capable to get through this fast because of that.
Tonight I will continue reading Revelation 7-9 and Luke 2 for the fast.

Sorry so short. Be blessed!


It’s a New, New Year!

30 Dec

What does that even mean…Happy New Year? Are you wishing me a happy new day instead of a new year? Technically this New Year will bring me the same stuff as last year. Happiness, health, wealth, heartbreak, anger, attitude, disappointment, grief and love amongst many other things. Are you wishing me a Happy New Year to avoid these things? There is no way you will never feel any of these things, at some point during the year you are guaranteed to feel one of the above. New year, new beginnings, goals, achievements, thoughts, oh isn’t this called a resolution? Yes a New Year’s Resolution! Yeah…no, I agree on the goal making part because you are always supposed to have goals. You are supposed to have goals set all the time. If changing your attitude is one of these goals, why is this a New Year’s Resolution? Why can it not be something you work on prior to the New Year knowing you should be doing this now? Isn’t a resolution and a goal the same? Why is it better to have a New Year’s Resolution and not a goal? Excuse me for being a New Year’s Bitch but what is all the hype about? There is nothing to be excited about…in my opinion. My goal is to make the best of everyday. Be thankful that I woke up today. Be grateful for all that I have. Continue to do what I can do to make myself happy and keep it moving. So, Happy New Day or Year! Which ever makes you happy!

Here is a recycled post from last year hope you love it! See you in the New Year! Be safe and be blessed everyone!

For Better Or Not…

25 Dec

I remember having a conversation with an old friend about the rich sharing their riches with their ex spouses once divorced. They sided strongly with the rich saying “if they were an athlete he didn’t have his wife on his back while he was tackling an opponent. She didn’t work up a skill, practice long hard hours, play in thousands of games to perfect that skill. Why should my ex get half? It’s not her talent. She’s just the wife.” Of course I disagreed with this, stating it was only right to receive some type of support since it was his lifestyle that created mine. It was his success that made US successful. It was me who stood by his side throughout this career so without me who would push him to keep going? I may not necessarily want half but I definitely need something to live comfortable.

What do you think?

I only bring this topic up because I recently read on Google News that Mel Gibson’s divorce was finalized and he had to give half of his fortune to his wife… some $400 million! That’s right, HALF. There was no prenup because they were married 26 years. I am sure she was there BEFORE he got famous and I forgot they share seven children.Now, I feel this is a little extreme, $400 million, but I do understand if she received this amount for giving input in writing films or helping with production, needless to say raising 7 children is beyond a full time J-O-B!

I still don’t know how I feel about it. I understand getting a pre-nup if you are wealthy and she is middle class and you want to get married but if you are like a Kobe Bryant who was young and didn’t know he would he a superstar like he is now, (who also didn’t have a prenup because he married for love) then he did the right thing.

When you marry, you marry for better or worse and till death, not until you blow up and before the money runs out let me go now so I can get half. Crazy world we live in. I’m rambling.

What are your thoughts on this?


12 Dec

Love…it’s truly under rated and if love is love why do you always end up getting hurt?

Before. During. After. It’s just a constant mental battle that forces you to …borderline insane. How much is love really worth?
Is it worth the tears on the pillow? Is it worth never ending headaches? Is it worth being secluded from the world? Is it worth hunger? Is it worth the thoughts of constant evil thoughts running through your head? Is it worth this? All for love?

What one dreams of becoming when they are stuck in a teenage flung. What one dreams of when they are young. Big house. Picket fence. Dog. Kids. It is worth all this and its just love?

Love starts off heavy and intense with strong words from another existance. Words that sound the sweetest but today if you heard it you’d wonder if this is really coming from the meanest.

Love is never ending.

Love can start from the floor and to the highest where the birds soar but all of this can mean nothing if your heart wasn’t like a door.

Opening and closing, allowing what you want in and keeping what you want out.
I say all of this because I want to scream and shout.

I am in love!!!! And I can tell you what love is.

But what it may mean to me could be simply a cup of blossoming tea.

That doesn’t stop me from being in love because my love is not the same as your love.

(This WordPress app on my phone doesn’t let me break up the sentences the way I would like so sorry. Hope you enjoyed)

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