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Will You Make Today Great?

4 Apr


Life: it can go in two directions; for better or for worse. Many believe that their life is always going in the opposite direction, for the worse. I see and hear people say “FML” (sorry) or “I hate my life” for the stupidest things yet you only have one. 

Yes, we all have bad days but most importantly it’s up to you to allow that bad situation to ruin your entire day. 

Nowadays, I tell people make it a great day, make it an amazing day, or be blessed on this amazing day. You are in charge of the outcome of your day. 

Yesterday, many employees cried to me in confidence, yesterday my teacher forgot to tell me I needed an appointment to take a midterm therefore I couldn’t take it, yesterday I needed to be in the Lords house but I decided to assist family instead, yesterday it was 65 degrees and I was at work all day and couldn’t enjoy it, yesterday all of these unexpected occurrences gave me a pounding headache along with a few other things. I was upset for ten minutes I won’t lie but I didn’t let it steal my joy! 

Thank God today for opening your eyes and declare that today will be a good day. You control the outcome and stop saying your life sucks because when you look at the small positives they make this life worth it. 

Many blessings to you and go out and make today great!! 


The Liebster Blog Award

23 Jan

The Liebster Blog Award

I received The Liebster Blog Award from Aisha at Aisha’s Scrapyard and I am completely grateful! There are a few rules for this lovely award so here they are.

1. Thank the fellow blogger who nominated you.
2. List five blogs that has impacted your writing in a positive manner, by virtue of comments, posts, inspirations etc.
3. Leave comments on those blogs letting them know of the nominations
4. Post the award in your blog.
5. Bask in the love of fellow bloggers and spread joy and inculcate good karma.

http://l0ve0utl0ud.wordpress.com/ I still love this site as a helpless romantic!

http://iamsimplytia.com/ again the food!!!!!


Congrats to the three bloggers above! Everyone I wanted to nominate…well let’s just say they have already received the award. It’s the thought that counts! 🙂

Snowing? Why?

13 Jan

I was actually starting to get very excited that we haven’t seen any snow for the month of January and its almost over. But, today reality settled in as I began to drive and noticed white little flakes sticking to my windshield. It was just raining.
I know you cant see much in the picture because its coming down so fast you can’t even tell its snowing but it is and its extremely windy. Let’s pray it doesn’t stick then I will blog another sad blog about who will shovel my drive way lol. Be blessed! Enjoy your weekend!

Daniel Fast Day 7

7 Jan

One week down, two to go. Doesn’t seem so hard after all. Once you get through the first week fasting is not so bad. I’ve had so many small blessings and so many big blessings happen in a weeks time. I know my God of more than enough is going to blow my mind beyond my imagination by the end of this fast.

I was in the process of changing colleges because the tuition was getting out of control. I was paying almost eight grand per quarter for tuition, so that’s four times a year. Too much money. In the past I had tuition reimbursement so it wasn’t so bad… Now I don’t. I had to transfer. God has opened up some doors in the past 7 days and I have been accepted to my new college. I don’t have to pay too much tuition and I don’t have to pay for books at all! Thank God for scholarships!

Today I had to force myself to eat breakfast, I wasn’t hungry at all this morning. I know I said in the beginning I would only eat when I’m hungry, now I have to eat when I’m not. Backwards a little. My sis made an awesome soup for the fast. A butternut squash soup with celery, carrots, potato, cabbage, and a little bit of pasta. It was awesome!!!


Here’s the meal plan for today:

Breakfast: oats with a banana
Snack: raw mixed nuts with organic dried apples
Lunch: homemade butternut squash soup with veggie chips on the side
Snack: chips and salsa from yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!
Dinner: green leaf salad with avocado drizzled with EVOO and vinegar

Today I read Psalms 3-6 for the Daniel Fast and my daily bible reading for bible study, Revelation 10-12

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

It’s Spring!!!

7 Jan

60 degrees in January? My kind of weather! Have a blessed day everyone.

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