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Will You Make Today Great?

4 Apr


Life: it can go in two directions; for better or for worse. Many believe that their life is always going in the opposite direction, for the worse. I see and hear people say “FML” (sorry) or “I hate my life” for the stupidest things yet you only have one. 

Yes, we all have bad days but most importantly it’s up to you to allow that bad situation to ruin your entire day. 

Nowadays, I tell people make it a great day, make it an amazing day, or be blessed on this amazing day. You are in charge of the outcome of your day. 

Yesterday, many employees cried to me in confidence, yesterday my teacher forgot to tell me I needed an appointment to take a midterm therefore I couldn’t take it, yesterday I needed to be in the Lords house but I decided to assist family instead, yesterday it was 65 degrees and I was at work all day and couldn’t enjoy it, yesterday all of these unexpected occurrences gave me a pounding headache along with a few other things. I was upset for ten minutes I won’t lie but I didn’t let it steal my joy! 

Thank God today for opening your eyes and declare that today will be a good day. You control the outcome and stop saying your life sucks because when you look at the small positives they make this life worth it. 

Many blessings to you and go out and make today great!! 


Author and Speaker Nadia Atkinson to Stop by Holy Spiritz Radio

30 Mar

Hello friends, 

As you may know I have written my first book last November entitled, The Past is in the Past so Let it Pass. Tonight I will be stopping by Holy Spiritz Radio in Atlanta, Georgia to discuss the wonderful testimonies of 16 women who gave their lives over to Christ Jesus. 

Please stop by at 6:30 pm to listen. Hope to see you there! 

Get your copy here!! 


Nadia A. 


From Holy Spiritz Radio:

We are so glad to announce that Speaker and Author Ms. Nadia Atkinson is returning to The Holy Spiritz Radio Show, to talk about her most recent published book titled “The Past is in the Past so let it Pass”, as well and her organization called “Be You Nique LLC”.  We’ll be discussing how her latest book has change the lives of women all across the country as well as how it has affected Nadia’s life as well.  We will be catching up on the Be You Nique LLC to see just how far things have developed in birthing this program that God placed in side of Ms. Atkinson even before she knew her mother.  Such a dynamic and powerful woman she is, and we’re so thankful to bring her back to you and to also let you know that Nadia’s show is still the number one show we’ve ever done!

Hope to see you there!


Tune in here: 



Listen to the original interview here: 


Daniel Fast Day 9

10 Jan

Yesterday I was so sick!!! The entire day! I had to force myself to eat oats and a banana around 3 in the afternoon. I’m sure it was those amazing tacos that I had but I don’t think ill eat it ever again. I drank Pellegrino with lemon and had a bottle of water. I was not feeling it at all.

I did manage to complete my bible reading for the fast, Luke 6 which was when Jesus chose His disciples. I do realize that I have more talks with God and I am conscience of what I’m saying or how I am reacting to certain things. I notice more people talking to me about the fast and their issues. It allows me to uplift those who I would have never thought needed the encouragement. I love the person I am becoming.

Be blessed!

Daniel Fast Day 6

6 Jan

Today’s reading is Proverbs 1 for the Daniel Fast. I won’t say too much today I will just leave you with a picture. If you have been following my blog for sometime now you know I have an addiction to Mexican food. The fast has taken away my love for chips and salsa until I saw this…


The no preservatives, all natural, organic version of tortilla chips. That’s when the heavens opened up! God is looking out for me! He knows His daughter cannot live without these things for another day! Amen!

Love you guys thanks for all of your support via comments and Facebook! I will comment back ASAP! Xoxo

Daniel Fast Day 4

4 Jan

Good evening!!!

Today was a good day! I meditated a lot of Psalms 138:8 “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me”. I know in my heart I do not like soda yet I wanted Barq’s rootbeer today, I wanted to eat another meal besides my normal routine.

I was driving in the car and my stomach started talking to me. I decided to say a silent prayer to myself since there was another passenger in the car. I asked God to fill me up with His word since my mind is playing tricks on me. The devil is playing tricks on me. He is telling me to eat whatever I want and that I will not make it through this fast. As soon as I reached my destination I started reading the Word. I had to. I went to sleep after no longer having hunger pangs just filled up with the Word. Sometimes God doesn’t answer ours prayers immediately but He does answer them. We have to just listen for His voice and be patient. He answered my prayer today and I am grateful for a faithful God.

Today I ate a little different. My body wasn’t agreeing with me today everything I ate gave me an upset stomach.

Breakfast: Hummus with flat bread

Lunch: salad with broccoli, raw sunflower seeds, cucumbers, carrots, and avocado with an olive oil and red pepper dressing that I made.

Dinner: stir-fry vegetables with no rice

Snacks: popcorn, raw mixed nuts with organic dried apples, and more hummus.

This afternoon I read Revelation 7-9 for bible study this evening and Luke 3 for the fast.

It’s so important to drink lots of water during this process it helps a lot with hunger. I miss chewing gum.


Daniel Fast Day 3

3 Jan

Hey everyone! Today was a little rough, I didn’t work out today but I actually ate more. I was more hungry than usual. I ate my new favorite meal old fashioned oats for breakfast with a banana. Many hours later, more like three, I had a snack bag of fruit. About an hour later I had a snack bag of nuts. An hour after that I had a small portion of the stir-fry I had last night. After a few hours later, more like two, I ate the left over pasta and sauce from dinner. Now about four hours later I am eating another stir fry that I created. I was inspired by a dish that I ate at P.F. Changs, spinach sauteed in fresh garlic, then added green beans, brown rice, and mushrooms. It was good and now I think I’m done for the evening. I know for sure I will definitely go to the gym tomorrow because it slowed down my eating a bit.

I should mention I was tempted to enjoy KFC with my better half today but I was able to stand my ground. We ate across from one another during lunch and I was pleased with myself for not asking for some. I am always asking to taste his food.

I was able to meditate on a few scriptures this afternoon thanks to some fellow bloggers like nightshade and wil. It really helped to know that God is capable of the impossible and I am capable to get through this fast because of that.
Tonight I will continue reading Revelation 7-9 and Luke 2 for the fast.

Sorry so short. Be blessed!


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